Ortho Care is the best! I've been to several different PT offices and you far surpassed all of them.  Your therapist never leaves your side during your treatment.  I highly recommend them!

- D.M. 7/26/18

Staff is wonderful. Service Fantastic!

- Brenda 8/2/18 

Dr Paul and staff were amazing and gave me excellent treatment and guidance.
– Renee G. 5/11/18

Loved my time here. Everyone was so friendly. Working with the staff here, I was able to improve 100% and avoid surgery. The staff was very helpful and made me feel comfortable.
– Diane S. 5/9/18

Thank you for all your help! You made me feel much better and eliminated my pain.
– Chantal N. 5/3/18

Very personable – friendly. My experience was exceptional. I was treated very well! Thank you all very much.
– Maureen A. 4/4/18

The entire team is so helpful and kind. I looked forward to coming each week! I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs physical therapy.
– Melissa T. 4/4/18

ORTHO CARE PHYSICAL THERAPY is a place where they treat you like family, very caring and patient group of people. I’m grateful for all the work they gave me.
– Orangelo D. 2/28/18

Thank you all for your great care in making me feel better. The one on one personal care given at ORTHO CARE is remarkable. Friendly and caring goes a long way when you’re not at your best. Thanks to you all.
– Diane H. 2/27/18

Keep up the good work! I would recommend ORTHO CARE to anyone. The staff is so pleasant and caring. They really put their patients first. The results of my therapy were amazing!!
– Sonja S. 2/2/18

Exceptional staff, extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I am almost 90% better and have regained almost 100% use of my arm with little to no pain. Thank you!!!
– Kristin D. 1/18/18

I love this place, when I need therapy, I always return here.
– R.R. 12/26/17

I would come back & tell my friends. Very good care.
– Betty C. 12/13/17

After years of debilitating pain in my neck and headaches, I am graduating from therapy today with little to no pain at all, after just 11 visits! Wish I would have come sooner!
– Janell O. 12/11/17

Very professional and highly competent staff.
– Joe M. 11/20/17

High quality care with outstanding results!
– Deborah M. 11/9/17

Everyone at ORTHO CARE is very friendly and professional. They are very knowledgeable and have gotten me on the right track to relieving my severe back pain. I am only 30 years old and am doing everything I can to get somewhat of a life back, hopefully pain free. I would send any friend or family member to ORTHO CARE.
– Donovan C. 11/9/17

I would definitely recommend ORTHO CARE to anyone needing physical therapy. The staff is very professional and caring.
– Susan C. 10/27/17

Best therapy ever!
– Bob R. 10/26/17

I would definitely recommend this facility to anyone.
– Marjorie M. 10/11/17

Treatment was professional, good doctors and staff.
– Dylan D. 10/11/17

Great therapists, friendly, a joy to come here.
– Marion R. 10/5/17

I have gone to other physical therapy facilities multiple times. ORTHO CARE provided me with the best
experience with the most results. Thanks!
– Mark C. 9/20/17

First time for physical therapy. Impressed, nice place, nice people. Would recommend.
– Doris T. 9/14/17

Everyone was very nice and helpful. I learned a lot of new exercises to help me improve my joints.
– Jason K. 9/13/17

The staff was very nice and helped me a lot.
– Ethan K. 9/1/17

Very pleased with level of care and progress. Staff is pleasant, professional and competent. Facility is clean, quiet and equipment is in excellent condition.
– S. Q. 8/23/17

Don’t change your staff they are the best, and Paul you may have to find someone that’s willing to learn how to be like your existing employees.
– Frank M. 8/23/17

Thank you! My pain has definitely gotten better and I’ve learned a lot of helpful exercises that I will continue doing.
– Hannah A. 8/17/17

Family like atmosphere, caring employees and great service.
– Kathy S. 8/10/17

Compassionate, caring, courteous.
– Dianne M. 8/10/17

Everyone was pleasant and versed in their area.
– Dominic S. 8/2/17

Love you guys, very professional & helpful. You’re like family!
– S.B. 7/26/17

I wouldn’t go anywhere else, the staff is awesome.
– W. 7/20/17

The entire staff is very knowledgeable and compassionate. They truly care about their patients and their improvement. Very vested in improving patients quality of life.
– Thomas V. 6/30/17

I’ve been to many PT places and yours has been one of the best. Would come back if necessary (hope not!).
– Mike K. 6/22/17

This is a great, caring place. Keep it up.
– Sandra S. 6/15/17

Thanks to ORTHO CARE I can perform the tasks of everyday living better, my balance and walking have
– Darlene M. 6/14/17

Great customer service. Very impressed with all employees. Always friendly and tolerant, especially with
Lilly! Thank you!
– Eric H. 6/7/17

The staff at ORTHO CARE is so friendly and caring of their patients. I highly recommend ORTHO CARE.
– Deena P. 6/6/17

ORTHO CARE PHYSICAL THERAPY is a place I would highly recommend. I have come here twice for two separate issues and I have left here with less pain and more mobility. I have always felt a more personal level of treatment, rather than an appointment in a time slot that had to finish by a certain time.
– Sharon R. 6/1/17

ORTHO CARE therapists practice 100% hands on treatment which assures a successful recovery.
– M.G. 5/30/17

Wonderful staff. Very caring and always on time. Each exercise is explained and the reason behind them. Very professional. Definitely recommend this facility if needed.
– Judi M. 5/26/17

The best therapist I ever had, Dr Paul is very thorough and dedicated to help his patients get better.
– Richard P. 5/19/17

The staff is second to none. Great therapy and advice to take home. 5 Stars!
– Tom M. 5/11/17

The best doctor’s office I have been yet. They show actual care for the patient and make sure we are
– Anonymous

This is the third time in my life that I have had physical therapy. ORTHO CARE was hands on in every aspect of my care. I was very impressed.
– Ellen F. 4/28/17

Dr Katie, Kathy and staff are wonderful! In just 4 weeks, my knee improved very much and I was able to enjoy a cruise with my sister with no problems!
– Lorene C. 4/28/17

Dr Katie dramatically improved my quality of life. My back pain and sciatica (from disc degeneration) had been usually mild to moderate, with severe episodes. Now, it’s barely noticeable, and mild at its worst.
– Scott L. 4/14/17

The treatment I received was perfect. The care and treatment were personalized to my specific needs. The staff was very professional, helpful and friendly. I could feel their interest in helping me recover. I am very grateful.
– Jim M. 4/6/17

I came to OCPT with pain and frustration from lack of progress being made at a previous PT facility. I leave today feeling happy and pain free. The professionalism of the staff and quality of care are top rate. I highly recommend OCPT for your PT needs.
– Tyler S. 3/5/17

ORTHO CARE is a very professional, caring and compassionate PT site where you receive hands on treatment every session. I cannot say enough good things about my time here. I hate to leave.
– Sr Paulette L. 3/17/17

Staff is amazing! I honestly will miss coming here. I definitely will come back here if I ever need PT again.
– Debora S. 3/7/17

I would definitely recommend this facility and entire staff to the people closest to me.
– Christel S. 2/28/17

ORTHO CARE has been a tremendous experience. From the way I was cared for, inspired, and strengthened. Thank you all for helping me heal. You are the best team.
– Maria R. 2/23/17

At ORTHO CARE they are very informative, friendly, helpful and caring. They are great people to work with.
– Jacintha C. 2/22/17

Amazing experience! I couldn’t have been happier!
– Michael D. 2/8/17

Excellent staff! Very professional and extremely knowledgeable.
– Adam V. 1/25/17