Special Programs

Pre and Post Natal Exercise Program:
This program aims to assist future and new mothers with copping with body postural changes during pregnancy to prevent potential musculoskeletal injuries.

Sport specific training:
This program was developed in order to recognize and accommodate the athletes’ specific needs when attempting to return to sport. We recognize a similarity amongst injuries in certain sports, similarities in predispositions to injuries, and also recognize that each athlete is an individual with individual needs.

Fitness evaluations:
We will take a look at your body as a whole. We will assess your goals and what you want to achieve, and together form a plan on how to get there. We will focus on specific imbalances in strength and flexibility that are preventing you from attaining your goals.

Back to the gym:
If you have not lifted in a while, or if you are currently lifting but are having pain with certain machines we can help. This program enables the individual to learn how to properly use weight lifting equipment safely and in a pain free manner.

Team Sponsor: youth team programs within the community, including Neighborhood Club soccer, as well competitive cycling, Hot Lava.